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E.C.C.A. Fire Department
349 CR 278
Tuscola, TX  79562



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Welcome to E.C.C.A. Fire Department!


E.C.C.A. (Elm Creek Citizens Association) Fire Department is located in Southern Taylor County almost in the exact center of Texas. Please browse this site and learn about us and give us you input if possible.

The ECCA fire department was formed in the late 70's to provide fire protection. It was very muchly a community or family based organization. Meeting usually included visits, business, and meals. The department has gone through some changes and improved over the years but is still the heart and soul of the community. The fire department is 100% volunteer and has about 25 Firefighters and many members that serve in administrative, financial, and support roles. We have 2 stations and currently operate a total of 8 emergency vehicles.

We are so fortunate to have GREAT Fire Departments, EMS, and Law Enforcement around our area and we are grateful for Taylor County Sheriff's Office, DPS, South Taylor EMS, Metrocare EMS, Southwest Medivac, Air Evac, and Taylor County Commisioners and staff as well as fire departments such as Buffalo Gap, Mulberry Canyon, View, Jim Ned, Lawn, Potosi, Merkel, Tye, Nolan, Wingate and many others. ECCA is a proud member of the Big Country Firefighters Association and Taylor County Rural Fire Committee.

We are currently going through some changes and improvements at ECCA Fire. One of the most important changes is our training program. In the next few months, we will start a training program that is certified through the Texas State Firemen and Fire Marshall's Association. This program will be required for all Firefighters. Right now we are doing "in house" training on the last Saturday of every month, 9:45 at station 1. If you would like to participate in this certified training program, please contact us.

We are in need of some people to take on the task of vehicle maintenance. Nothing overwhelming, but a few people that will check the vehicles over once a month and make minor repairs. No mechanical experience is required.

We are also looking for people to help with our medical program. For years our EMT's, EMT-I's and Paramedics have responded to calls and helped a large number of people suffering from things such as heart attack, stroke, falls, vehicle wrecks, etc. Over the years we have had people move away from the area or let certifications drop for various reasons. This now puts us in dire need of people that are willing to take an EMT course and help with this important mission of ours. If you think you might be interested, or you would like more information, please Please Contact us!

This site is still under construction, but PLEASE look around and check out what we have so far! You can also become a fan of   ECCA on Facebook!

Fire Chief Jimmy Hall


[ ECCA Members- Please fill out the volunteer form, even if you think we already have your information. It is important to have the correct info for the website. I'll be sending out some more details of what you will be able to do with eccafire.com soon.] 

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The NIMS training:    100     700a

Upcoming Events

Every Last Saturday
ECCA Training

Every 3rd Tuesday
ECCA Monthly Meeting

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Thu. Dec 20th 2012
Bonanza workday on the 29th

We have had a very slim turn out for our Bonanza work day and our meeting this week about Bonanza. We NEED more people to hel...

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Sun. Dec 16th 2012
Important Meeting Tuesday 12/18/12

ECCA's monthly meeting will be Tuesday December 18, 2012 at station 1. This will be an important meeting focusing mainly on o...

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Sun. Dec 2nd 2012
People Needed

ECCA is in need of more people to respond to fires, medical emergencies, and other calls. We have had several of our main res...

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